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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 11

Sorry, we have to cancel!

Peter: Peter Hopkins.
Karin: Hello, Mr. Hopkins. This is Karin speaking, from practice Dr. Schröder.
Peter: Oh, nice to hear from you, Karin. What‘s the matter?
Karin: I‘m very sorry, but I must cancel your appointment today. Dr. Schröder was called for an emergency outside the practice.
Peter: Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
Karin: Yes, I‘m glad I reached you in time.
Peter: Actually I was just about to leave the office.
Karin: I‘m sorry about the inconvenience. Shall we arrange a new appointment right now?
Peter: Yes. I think that would be a good idea. Dr. Schröder wanted to adjust my medication and I think this shouldn‘t wait too long.
Karin: Of course. Would you prefer to come in the morning or in the afternoon, Mr. Hopkins?
Peter: Afternoon would suit me much better.
Karin: So how about next Thursday, the 11th at 5 pm?
Peter: Let me check my schedule. I‘m busy on Thursday, but is there an appointment available on Wednesday?
Karin: Yes, Wednesday, the 10th at 4.30 pm is possible.
Peter: All right. Thank you, Karin.
Karin: Thank you for your understanding. Good bye.


to cancel – absagen
foreign patient – ausländischer Patient
what‘s the matter? – Worum geht es?
emergency – Notfall
to reach – erreichen
inconvenience – Unannehmlichkeit
to adjust – einstellen
to suit – passen
schedule – Terminkalender
thank you for your understanding – Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis