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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 10

I need to see the dentist at once!

It’s Monday morning and the waiting room at Dr. König’s dental practice is packed with patients. Karin, the medical assistant, is in charge of the reception today. A patient is entering the practice nervously.

Patient: Hi. I need to see the doctor at once!
Karin: Good morning, sir. Have you been at our practice before?
Patient: No, I haven’t. But I‘m in terrible pain and my hotel is right next door.
Karin: Ok. I see. When did the pain start?
Patient: Just now during breakfast.
Karin: First, can I get your name please.
Patient: My name is Pablo Sanchez. I‘m from Colombia.
Karin: Mr. Sanchez, the dentist, Dr. König, is very busy at the moment. The waiting room is full as you can see.
Pablo: But it’s an emergency. I really can’t stand the pain anymore.
Karin: I understand. I have two options to offer: I can try to squeeze you in but that might take some time. Or you go to the dental emergency clinic.
Pablo: Is it near here?
Karin: No, unfortunately not. It takes about 30 minutes by car.
Pablo: In this case I’d rather wait here. Please try and speed it up.
Karin: I do what I can. I suppose you are here on vacation?
Pablo: Yes, that’s right.
Karin: You are aware then, that you have to settle your bill right after your treatment, don’t you?
Pablo: Sure. As long as I can pay by credit card it’ll be fine.
Karin: No problem, Mr. Sanchez. Now, please fill in this form for me and take a seat in the waiting room. I’ll call you as soon as possible.


packed with patients – überfüllt mit Patienten
to be in charge of – zuständig sein für
to be in terrible pain – unter großen Schmerzen leiden
emergency – Notfall
can’t stand – nicht aushalten
to squeeze in – hineinquetschen
to speed up – beschleunigen
on vacation – im Urlaub
to settle the bill – die Rechnung begleichen
treatment – Behandlung
to fill in – ausfüllen

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