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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 15

It‘s 10 a.m. and a male patient enters Dr. Schröder‘s practice. His trousers are torn, he is limping and obviously in pain.

Where do you come from?

Karin: Guten Morgen. Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
Patient: Do you speak English?
Karin: Yes, how can I help you?
Patient: I just fell from my bicycle in front of your practice. I need a painkiller.
Karin: OK. Could I have your health insurance card, please?
Patient: Yes, here you are.
Karin: Thanks, Mr. Alboni. That‘s your family name, right?
Mr. Alboni: Yes. And Taher is my first name. Listen, my leg really hurts. I need some medicine right now.
Karin: I understand that you are in pain, Mr. Alboni, but you have to be a little bit patient. Please take a seat in the waiting room. I call you as soon  as possible.

After Mr. Alboni saw Dr. Schröder, he returns to the reception.

Karin: How do you feel, Mr. Alboni?
Mr. Alboni: The doctor said that my ankle might be twisted. I need to get it x-rayed.
Karin: Yes, Dr. Schröder has written a referral note for you. Here you are.
Mr. Alboni: Can I borrow crutches?
Karin: I‘m sorry, we haven‘t got any. You‘ll get a prescription at the radiologist. Shall I call you a taxi?
Mr. Alboni: Who is going to pay for it?
Karin: You need to pay in advance. But I think you can get a refund from the insurance company later. Keep the receipt.
Mr. Alboni: OK. Thanks for your help. I will call a friend to pick me up.


male – männlich
torn – zerrissen
to limp – hinken
to be in pain – unter Schmerzen leiden
painkiller – Schmerzmittel
to hurt – wehtun
to be patient – geduldig sein
twisted ankle – verstauchter Knöchel
referral note – Überweisungsschein
to borrow crutches – Krücken leihen
prescription – Rezept
to pay in advance – im Voraus zahlen
refund – Erstattung
receipt – Quittung

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