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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 18

Assessment on the phone

Karin, the dental assistant in the dental practice Dr. König, answers the phone.

Karin: Praxis Dr. König. Sie sprechen mit der Zahnmedizinischen Fachangestellten Karin. Was kann ich für Sie tun?
Patient: Good morning. This is Ludmilla Pasternak speaking.
Karin: Good morning, Ms. Pasternak. What can I do for you?
Ms. Pasternak: I‘ve got a terrible tooth ache and my left cheek is swollen.
Karin: I‘m sorry to hear that. When did it start?
Ms. Pasternak: Last night. I woke up and was in pain. This morning I noticed the swelling.
Karin: I see. Dr. König is busy with an implant until noon. Do you think you can wait until 3 pm?
Ms. Pasternak: That means another 7 hours? I think I can‘t stand the pain such a long time.
Karin: Have you checked your temperature?
Ms. Pasternak: No, I didn‘t. But I don‘t think I developed a fever.
Karin: Have you taken any painkillers yet?
Ms. Pasternak: Sure. I had some Ibuprofen in remedy kit. But that didn‘t help.
Karin: Ok. I would suggest, you get a cool pack and lie down for a while. That might work.
Ms. Pasternak: Are you sure?
Karin: If the pain gets worse, you should go the dental emergency center. I can give you the address.
Ms. Pasternak: No, no. I must see Dr. König. I want to come to you.
Karin: In this case, I‘ll squeeze you in at 2.45 pm. Please be on time.
Ms. Pasternak: Oh. Thank you, Karin. I‘ll be there.
Karin: You’re welcome. See you later.


dental practice – Zahnarztpraxis
terrible tooth ache – schlimme Zahnschmerzen
cheek – Backe
swollen – geschwollen
to be in pain – Schmerzen haben
swelling – Schwellung
to stand the pain – Schmerz aushalten
to develop – entwickeln
remedy kit – Hausapotheke
to suggest – vorschlagen
might work – könnte funktionieren
to get worse – sich verschlechtern
to squeeze in – reinquetschen

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