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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 2

First appointment at the practice

Peter is seeing his dentist for the first time. The medical assistant welcomes him at the reception.

Peter: Hello, my name is Peter Hopkins. I’m a bit late for my appointment today. I am very sorry.

Karin: That’s all right, Mr. Hopkins. Did you bring your European Health Insurance Card along with you?

Peter: Yes, here you are. Do you want to see my ID as well?

Karin: Yes, please. Could you please fill in this form for me?

Peter: I can try. But my German … I might need your help.

Karin: Ok. Please take a seat in the waiting room and let me know if you need my support. You can find the waiting room right down the corridor on your left hand side.

Peter finds his way to the waiting room and manages to fill in most of the form by himself. He is not sure about the questions on his medical history and returns to the reception.

Karin: Are you done already?

Peter: Not quite. I don’t understand some of the questions.

Karin helps Peter to fill in the rest of the form.

Peter: Thank you so much. One more question: Where can I find the restroom?

Karin: You can find the restroom directly opposite the waiting room. Please wait until we call you. It won’t take long.

After a short while, Karin calls Peter.

Karin: It’s your turn now, Mr. Hopkins, thank you for waiting. Please go through the glass door on your right. The treatment room is the second door on the left.


dentist – Zahnarzt

appointment – Termin

here you are – bitte sehr

form – Formular

waiting room – Wartezimmer

support – Unterstützung

medical history – Krankengeschichte

Are you done? – Sind Sie fertig?

restroom – Toilette

opposite – gegenüber

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