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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 3

The little boy with the aching stomach

One morning, 8 year old Denis, Peter Hopkins’ son, awakes with a terrible stomach ache. So Theresa, Peter’s wife, takes Denis to their general practitioner, Dr. Schröder.

Karin: Good morning Mrs. Hopkins, good morning Denis. What can we do for you today?

Theresa: Hello Karin. I’m sorry we haven’t got an appointment, but you see, Denis woke up with a terrible stomach ache so I thought we could drop in without calling. Is that ok?

Karin: You are lucky. We just had a cancellation – so you even don’t have to wait long.

Theresa: Great, thank you Karin.

Karin: So, Denis. When did the pain start?

Denis looks really worried and answers with a soft, trembling voice: Just this morning when I woke up. Do I need an injection?

Karin: Don’t worry, Denis. First the doctor will only check and then we’ll see.

Theresa: Sorry Karin, but Denis is really scared of doctor’s practices, especially syringes.

Karin: I understand. But there is no need to worry. Dr. Schröder is very careful and used to anxious patients. By the way, I’m pretty sure we don’t have to give any injections here.

After a short time Karin’s colleague, Petra, accompanies Denis and his mother to the treatment room.

Petra: Please lie down on the treatment table, Denis. Dr. Schröder will be right with you.

Dr. Schröder arrives and examines Denis. While palpating Denis abdomen, he calms down the boy by explaining every step and promises to stop as soon as Denis raises his hand, should he feel any discomfort. During the examination, Dr. Schröder states questions concerning Denis’ eating habits and whether he had eaten something unusual lately. He also asks about Denis’ situation at school, his friends and if he was feeling stressed for any reason during the last weeks. The soft and empathic voice of Dr. Schröder calms down Denis and he relaxes.

Dr. Schröder: Well Denis, I guess it’s been the mix of birthday cake and barbeque that causes your troubles. Please don’t eat anything too fat or too sweet for the next days. Your mother can give you some  chamomile tea and try not to exhaust yourself. You’ll feel better in no time, you will see.


stomach ache – Bauchschmerzen
cancellation – Absage
trembling – zitternd
to be scared of – Angst haben vor
syringe – Spritze
anxious – ängstlich
to accompany – begleiten
treatment table – Behandlungsliege
discomfort – Beschwerden
eating habits – Essgewohnheiten
to calm down – beruhigen
to cause – verursachen



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