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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 4

Fitting in a crown

At his last appointment at the dentist's office Peter Hopkins was given a temporary crown on his left canine tooth of the upper jaw. Today he comes to the practice for his permanent crown.

Karin: Hello Mr. Hopkins, how are you today?
Peter: Not too bad, thank you. Unfortunately, my tooth has been aching the last couple of days.
Karin: I'm sorry to hear that. Dr. Schröder will take a look at it straight away. Please come along to the treatment room, Mr. Hopkins.

Peter follows Karin to the treatment room.

Karin: Please sit down on the treatment chair. I'll get you a napkin … here we are.
Dr. Schröder: Hello Mr. Hopkins. I've heard your tooth is still troubling you?
Peter: Yes, just a bit of a dragging pain after eating.
Dr. Schröder: Let me see, please open your mouth.

Dr. Schröder removes the provisional crown and examines the pivot tooth.

Dr. Schröder: Everything looks fine here. It's not infected, the gum's not inflamed. Last time I've removed all decay before we took the impression. Are you in pain just now?
Peter: No, I don't feel anything at the moment.
Dr. Schröder: Good. I'm going to fit the permanent crown in now, all right?

After the treatment, Peter returns to the reception.

Karin: How did it go? Everything all right, Mr. Hopkins?
Peter: Yes, thank you. It still feels a bit strange, but I guess that's normal.
Karin: You'll soon get used to it. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you feel uncomfortable.
Peter: How long should I refrain from eating or drinking?
Karin: Did you get an anaesthetization?
Peter: No, not this time. I just had the permanent crown fitted in.
Karin: You can have a drink in about 30 minutes. And please wait 2 hours before you eat something. Now, would you like to make an appoinment for a professional tooth cleaning? We recommend odontexesis twice a year.
Peter: Sure. Just hang on a second, I need to check my schedule.
Karin: How about next week?


temporary crown/provisional crown – Provisorium
permanent crown – Krone
left canine tooth – linker Eckzahn
upper jaw – Oberkiefer
aching – schmerzend
troubling – Ärger machend
dragging pain – ziehender Schmerz
to remove – entfernen
to examine – untersuchen
pivot tooth – Stiftzahn
infected – infiziert
inflamed – entzündet
decay – Karies
impression – Abdruck
don't hesitate – zögern Sie nicht
to feel uncomfortable – sich unwohl fühlen
to refrain from – absehen von
anaesthetization – Betäubung
professional tooth cleaning/odontexesis – Professionelle
schedule – Terminplan

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