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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 7

Here is your sick note ...

Peter Hopkins has been suffering from an abscess on his chin for the last weeks. He‘s already been examined by Dr. Schröder a week ago and was prescribed some antibiotics. But unfortunately the abscess has not receded. So Peter returns to the practice for further treatment.

Karin: Hello Mr. Hopkins, how are you doing today?
Peter: Hello Karin, thanks for asking … but this abscess is still really bothering me, you know. It looks awful and I feel a throbbing pain.
Karin: Oh, that doesn‘t sound too good, Mr. Hopkins. As Dr. Schröder has told you before you have to undergo a minor surgery then.
Peter: Ok. Anything that will help, is fine, I guess. Could you please explain again what will happen?
Karin: There is no need to worry, Mr. Hopkins. At first you’ll receive a local anaesthetic. Then Dr. Schröder makes a cut, an incision, in the abscess, to allow the pus to drain out. Then she also takes a sample of pus for testing.
Peter: Is this really necessary?
Karin: Yes. The pus needs to be drained to clear the infection. If your skin abscess isn‘t drained, it may continue to grow and fill with pus until it bursts, which can be very painful and can cause the infection to spread or recur.
Peter: Ok then, I‘ll go for it.
Karin: Good to hear, Mr. Hopkins. Take a seat in the waiting room till we get everything ready for the surgery.
Peter: Ok. Just one question: Will the spot be visible later?
Karin: The procedure may leave a small scar. But it will suit your features, I‘m sure. A question: You should go home and have a rest. Do you need a sick note?


to suffer from – leiden unter
abscess – Abszess
chin – Kinn
prescribed – verschrieben
receded – zurückgegangen
further treatment – weitere Behandlung
to bother – stören
awful – schrecklich
throbbing pain – pochender Schmerz
a minor surgery – kleiner Eingriff
local anaesthetic – örtliche Betäubung
cut – Schnitt
pus – Eiter
to drain – abfließen
sample – Probe
to burst – platzen
to spread – sich ausbreiten
to recur – erneut auftreten
scar – Narbe
features – Charakterzüge
sick note – Krankschreibung

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