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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 12

Peter Hopkins visits Dr. König’s dental office periodically for his dental prophylaxis including teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist, who removes plaque, tartar and stains.

I need to see the dentist at once!

Dental hygienist Andrea: Good morning, Mr. Hopkins, good to see you again!
Peter: Yes, I’ve got a bit of trouble with my implant on the incisor at the upper jaw.
Andrea: It’s the left lateral incisor, isn’t it?
Peter: Yes. I don’t seem to be able to brush it thoroughly.
Andrea: Ok. We’ll check that. Any other problems?
Peter: No, just the usual tartar.
Andrea: I’ll scrape that off, no worries, Mr. Hopkins. So please open your mouth, I’ll insert the camera. Please look at the screen. Your teeth look  quite healthy, I must say. Good job, Mr. Hopkins!
Peter: Yes. I’ve followed your advices quite strictly.
Andrea laughs: Ok. Then I will remove the plaque and tartar of surface and roots first, then I’ll evaluate your gum tissues and check the implant and last but not least I’ll polish your teeth to get them nice and shiny, all right?
Peter: Very well, Andrea. Thank you.
Andrea: You’re still using the floss, I’ve recommended?
Peter: Sure – and the interdental brushes as well.
Andrea: Great. That’s why your teeth are in a good condition. Now look here, Mr. Hopkins. I show you how to clean your implant with this special  floss.
Peter: Ok. May I try by myself?
Andrea: Sure. Go ahead!
Peter: It’s not so easy.
Andrea: Yes. But with a bit of practice you’ll manage, I’m sure. I’ll apply some fluoride and we’re done ...
Peter: Thanks, Andrea. I see you next year then. In about 6 months time? Have a great time, Andrea!


plaque – Belag
tartar – Zahnstein
stain – Fleck
incisor at the upper jaw – Schneidezahn im Oberkiefer
thoroughly – gründlich
to scrape off – abkratzen
to insert – einführen
to follow an advice – einen Rat befolgen
to remove – entfernen
surface – Oberfläche
roots – Wurzeln
gum tissue – Zahnfleischtasche
to polish – polieren
floss – Zahnseide
Go ahead! – Legen Sie los!

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