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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 6

At the dentist’s

One morning, Peter Hopkins’ son, 11 year old Denis, awakes with a terrible tooth ache. So Theresa, Peter’s wife, takes Denis to their dentist practice, Dr. Schröder.

Karin: Good morning Mrs. Hopkins, good morning Denis. What can we do for you today?
Theresa: Hello Karin. I’m sorry we haven’t got an appointment, but you see, Denis woke up with a terrible tooth ache so I thought we could drop in without calling. Is that ok?
Karin: You are lucky. We just had a cancellation – so you even don’t have to wait long.
Theresa: Great, thank you Karin.
Karin: So, Denis. When did the pain start?
Denis looks really worried and answers with a soft, trembling voice: Just this morning when I woke up. Do I need an injection? Will the doctor pull my tooth out?
Karin: Don’t worry, Denis. First the doctor will only check and then we’ll see.
Theresa: Sorry Karin, but Denis is really scared of dental treatments, especially syringes.
Karin: I understand. But there is no need to worry. Dr. Schröder is very careful and used to anxious patients.

After a short time Karin’s colleague, Petra, accompanies Denis and his mother to the treatment room.

Petra: Please sit down on the treatment chair, Denis. Here I have a napkin for you. Dr. Schröder will be right with you.

Dr. Schröder arrives and examines Denis’ tooth. Unfortunately, he is finding decay under the filling of one of the molars. So he needs to remove the decay and renew the filling. Before Dr. Schröder gives an injection, he sprays a topical anaesthetic on the region affected. While working on Denis tooth, he calms down the boy by explaining every step and promises to stop as soon as Denis raises his hand, should he feel any discomfort.

Petra: Now Denis. Open your mouth wide. Can you still feel the swab on your gum?

Denis shakes his head.

Petra: Good. Take a deep breath. You won’t even notice the prick.
Dr. Schröder administers the injection: Let’s wait about 5 minutes for the anaesthetic to work.
Petra: Does it already feel a bit numb?
Denis: Yes. It feels like cotton wool in my mouth.

Dr. Schröder returns and fixes the filling.

Petra: Well done, Denis. Please don’t eat anything for the next 2 hours. And don’t forget to brush your teeth carefully.


tooth ache – Zahnschmerzen
cancellation – Absage
trembling – zitternd
to be scared of – Angst haben vor
syringe – Spritze
anxious – ängstlich
to accompany – begleiten
treatment chair – Behandlungsstuhl
decay – Karies
filling – Füllung
molar – Backenzahn
topical anaesthetic – örtliche Oberflächenbetäubung
discomfort – Beschwerden
swab – Tupfer
prick – Piks
numb – taub

Common dental discomforts

Aphten - mouth ulcers
freiliegende Zahnhälse - exposed tooth necks
Mundgeruch - bad breath
Parodontitis - parodontitis
Zahnfehlstellung - tooth displacement
Zahnfleischentzündung - inflamed gums
Zahnstein - tartar

Dental hygiene

elektrische Zahnbürste- electric toothbrush
Munddusche - oral irrigator
Mundwasser - mouthwash
Zahnpasta - toothpaste
Zahnseide - dental floss
Zungenreiniger - tongue cleaner

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