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Englisch in der Patientenkommunikation Teil 8

Handing out prescriptions

Peter Hopkins has been suffering from severe toothache over the last couple of days. After his consultation with his dentist, Dr. Schröder, he returns to the reception.

Karin: Now, how did it go, Mr. Hopkins?
Peter: Thanks for asking, Karin. Unfortunately, one of my molars had to be removed.
Karin: Oh. I‘m sorry to hear that.
Peter: Dr. Schröder asked me to pick up my prescription for a pain killer.
Karin: Yes, of course. Here you are. Please hand this in at the pharmacy.
Peter: Sorry, I forgot what Dr. Schröder said about the usage of the medicine …
Karin: Let me have a look at your record. Ok, Dr. Schröder recommends the intake of a maximum of 3 pills daily. Please note the different colouring of the tablets. The white ones are for daytime use and the blue ones only before bedtime.
Peter: Ok. How long should I take these tablets for?
Karin: These pills are pretty strong, so please take them only if you really can‘t stand the pain. It‘s also important to refrain from driving and from  operating machines while you take the painkillers. You might feel a bit dizzy or sleepy after the intake.
Peter: Ok. Do I have to pay for the tablets by myself?
Karin: With your statutory insurance you‘ll have to make a co-payment of 5 Euro at the pharmacy.
Peter: All right. Thanks, Karin.
Karin: By the way, Mr. Hopkins. Please don‘t eat anything for the next 2 hours until your sedation has worn off and don‘t smoke.
Peter: Sure. I should quit anyway (laughing).
Karin: Good idea, Mr. Hopkins. Get well soon!


to suffer from – leiden unter/an
toothache – Zahnschmerzen
molar – Backenzahn
to remove – entfernen/ziehen
prescription – Rezept
pain killer – Schmerzmittel
pharmacy – Apotheke
usage – Anwendung
intake – Einnahme
colouring – Färbung
to stand the pain – Schmerz ertragen
to refrain from – unterlassen
dizzy – schwindlig
statutory insurance – gesetzl. Krankenversicherung
co-payment – Zuzahlung
sedation – Betäubung
to wear off – abklingen

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